Silver Columns Live 2010


Wizard Promotions

31.12.10 Frankfurt / Mousonturm Tickets

When Silver Columns’ white label singles “Brow Beaten” and “Yes, and Dance” mysteriously emerged, glinting and fully-formed, seemingly from nowhere last year, tongues were set wagging. There hadn’t been anything quite like them before – “Brow Beaten” was a skittering, helter-skelter electro pop jolt to the heart, sounding not unlike the spirit of Erasure trapped in an arcade pinball machine, while “Yes, and Dance” – cheekily, their own remix of a yet to be released track – was lush, slowed down, hallucinatory – the drowsy, lysergic morning after the messy night before. It was a brilliantly askew one-two pop punch unlike any other, and as fitting an introduction as any to Silver Columns.